We have an assortment of accounting service plans available to fit your budget. So, whether you are just starting out or already up and running; whether the entity is a for-profit or non-profit corporation, we have an accounting package for you.

Our accounting fees are based on the time required and will be billed at a comprehensive rate of $175.00 per month for a basic contract service plan of one year. This plan is limited to one hour of service time per month per one business bank account. Each additional business bank or credit card account will incur an additional $175 base charge limited to one additional hour of service time respectively. Rates are promotional rates for new clients.

On-site client visits are available at a 4 hour minimum service time at a rate of $175 per hour which includes 2 hours allotted for round trip travel time and 2 hours for actual appointment or service time. Traveling is based on appointments within the I-285 circumference of the Greater Atlanta area. Additional fees may apply for traveling to locations outside the perimeter.

For accounting services provided, one-half of annual fee is due upfront to get started and the remainder is due upon completion of books. Invoices are due upon receipt.

With our experience and expertise we get the job done with better efficiency and accuracy.

Call Sanz Virtual Enterprise at 404-300-3340 or email us at admin@sve-accountingandtaxes.com for a free consultation and get an affordable accounting service plan today!