SVE Accounting and Tax Services currently offers four (4) main services:

Small Business/Entrepreneurial Accounting Services

So you are just starting out your little on-the-side business of buying and selling computers. You have a store front you are renting for $500 per month; three computers in inventory valued at $1500; supplies valued at $300; and your main office computer valued at $700; plus a little cash of $1000. This is the ideal and best time to get your accounting books set up and we can help.

In some cases we may even start you up for free and based on our evaluation come up with a plan that is affordable and feasible for you. Or, it may be that your business is already in full throttle and you have been doing some accounting and bookkeeping functions for your business but it is getting to be too much to handle; we can also help in those situations. Or, your business is growing and you are looking for additional funding to expand; we can certainly help you with the financial statements you may need for the bank and/or your investors.

It all depends on your situation and whatever the situation we can help. Our commitment is to keep the quality of our services virtually unbeatable at virtually unbeatable prices for you.


Consultancy Services

Some of us in the business world prefer the Do-It-Yourself approach. We offer consultancy services for your convenience as well.

Sometimes all you need is someone with the knowledge and expertise to bounce ideas off; or, to get a few ideas from that person. Once pointed in the right direction with a good sound outline some of you are willing to do the rest.

It could be that you are contemplating which tax strategy to choose that benefits you and your business as best as possible. Or, it could be considering whether to expand your business or not and if so, what are your options and consequences; evaluating your decisions from all angles.

For any of your individual and small business accounting and taxation consulting needs, we can help. And, as always we are committed to offering virtually unbeatable quality service.


Budgeting Services

The concept of budgeting has to do with forecasting revenues and expenditures and measuring that forecast against actual financial operations performance. The budget forecast serves as a reasonably accurate prediction of whether or not your business operation will result in a profit, a loss, or will break-even. Whenever both the actual and the budgeted figures are in close alignment it is a good indication that business owners/managers understand their business and have been steering it in the intended direction. This also gives shareholders and investors peace of mind in the business.

Whether your financial transactions call for an individual/family budget, or a business operations budget, or a capital project budget, SVE can help you SaVE some money. We can help you meet your budgeting expectations. Remember, when your forecast and actual numbers are in alignment that is a good indication that you know what your business; giving the general public and investors confidence in your business.


Tax Services

We offer individual and small business tax services at virtually unbeatable prices including some out-of-state taxes. We also do tax amendments and handle the IRS CP2000 notices.

Often times there are different approaches and strategies to fit your own unique tax situation; at SVE rest assured that we are looking for the best approaches and strategies to SaVE you money. We have clients who have been served with CP2000 notices, levied outrageous interest and penalty, and threatened with seizure of property notices. We are proud to say SVE have been successful at winning favorable judgments for our clients in these disputes with the IRS saving our clients thousands of dollars.

So give us a try and let us help you SaVE time, headache, and money on your taxes.