IRS Tax Resolution Services

Sanz Virtual Enterprise can help you restore your tax compliance status in good standings with the Internal Revenue Service. Non-compliance with the Internal Revenue Service is on the rise every year and it is one of the most sumptuous mishaps that a taxpayer can ever experience. Non-compliance issues include unfiled income tax returns, unpaid tax balances, unfiled information-only tax returns, unfiled payroll tax returns, and a number of other infractions. Some of the consequences of IRS non-compliance are anxiety, tax liens, tax levies, and adverse credit score ratings which may lead to expensive credit terms or credit denial for loans, mortgages, and many other personal and business initiatives.

Sanz Virtual Enterprise has a solid knowledge of the tax resolution process and your rights as a taxpayer to help you. But, don’t let this opportunity slip away; give us a call today to take back control of your credit and move forward with your best life.