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With over 20 years of experience, Sanz Virtual Enterprise has been a trusted financial partner and CPA Business Tax Accountant for individuals and businesses of all sizes. We serve sole proprietors, S corporations, partnerships, C corporations, estates, and non-profit organizations. Our experienced team offers a comprehensive range of services including tax preparation and planning, accounting and bookkeeping, financial audits and reviews, tax resolution, budgeting, in-depth consultations, and more. Let our experienced and trusted team of experts help you navigate your financial journey with confidence. Contact us to see how a CPA Business Tax Accountant can help you today!

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping are the cornerstones of financial health. Accounting is the system of recording, analyzing, summarizing, and reporting financial transactions. This creates a clear picture of your business’s financial performance and position. Bookkeeping focuses on the day-to-day process of entering data into the accounting system, like sales, expenses, and payroll.

By combining these, business owners and management gain valuable insights to make informed business decisions, track investments, and ensure tax compliance. In short, accounting and bookkeeping help you understand your money and make smart financial decisions.

Individual & Business Income Tax

Individual income taxes apply to money earned from wages, salaries, investments, self-employment, and other sources of income. The goal is to minimize your tax burden by legitimately maximizing your deductions and credits to reduce your tax liability.

Business income taxes depend on your business structure. Sole proprietorships report business profit or loss on their personal tax return. Subchapter C Corporations pay taxes on their net income before distributing profits to owners. Businesses aim to maximize profit while complying with tax regulations. This often involves strategies like depreciation deductions and maximizing business expenses.

Tax Resolution Services & More

Tax resolution services help clients navigate complex tax problems and disputes with the IRS. We can negotiate settlements and minimize tax liabilities.

Financial statement audits examine a company’s financial records to provide assurance that management has presented a ‘true and fair’ view of a company’s financial performance and position. This helps build trust with investors and lenders.

We also offer other services such as consulting and forensic accounting. Consulting services advise businesses on accounting practices and financial decision-making. Forensic accounting investigates financial crimes and helps with fraud prevention.

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"Sanz has been doing our taxes for many years. His attention to detail, knowledge, professionalism, willingness and ability to explain guidelines, changes, updates is impressive. He goes over and above." Read more..

- Toya

"Having just resigned from my previous career, purchased a franchise and relocated to Georgia I was in dire need for a local accountant for my business startup. I interviewed a few accountants.." read more..

- Mark

"Martin with Sanz Virtual Ent has handled my taxes for several years. His professionalism, patience and expertise is unmatched. He assisted me with tax preparation, and estate tax preparation. He clearly.." read more..

- Karen